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Best OBD2 Scanner With ABS and SRS

An OBD2 scanner is a suitable machine that helps you carry out diagnostic functions and is also referred to as an ABS and SRS code reader.

The primary use of these machines is to diagnose as well as perform service functions on your vehicle’s Airbag and ABS systems.

However, choosing the perfect OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS is quite challenging as there are numerous models on the market, each claiming to offer optimal performance. 

Therefore, in this article review, you will be taken through five of the best OBB2 scanners that you need to consider. Consequently, you never will have to worry about your safety while driving your car as it will have gone through comprehensive servicing.

However, choosing the perfect OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS is quite challenging as there are numerous models on the market, each claiming to offer optimal performance. 

Therefore, in this article review, you will be taken through five of the best OBB2 scanners that you need to consider. Consequently, you never will have to worry about your safety while driving your car as it will have gone through comprehensive servicing.

Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Automotive Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool

This OBD2 scanner helps you to diagnose your car’s transmission as well as its engine and does the ABS and SRS diagnostics incredibly well. Furthermore, this affordable scanner delivers comprehensive and convenient diagnostics plus is compatible with more than 25 vehicle models from America, Europe, and Asia.

Integrated into the design of this diagnostic tool is an in-built auto-VIN technology which enables it to atomically recognize a vehicle once it has been plugged into the OBD2 port. Some of the main functions of this gadget include SRS, ABS, engine, airbag systems, and transmission.

 It also boasts being among the handful of airbag code readers that you can make use to switch off or reset the faulty airbag light. Moreover,

it has a 3.5-inch screen through which you can read live data either in graphical or text format with minimal strain, and you can then later record and replay the data for a more in-depth analysis.

It does not need any batteries to function and is instead powered through the OBDII cables, which come together with it and have a sturdy exterior.

With this ABS SRS scan tool, you can pull, and the erase codes from ABS and SRS, and this subsequently enables you to reset both the ABS and SRS warning lights. Additionally, this scanner shows the live sensor data being released by the SRS and ABS, and with the collected data, you can analyze your sensor’s real-time performance.

With this scanner, you can do DTC reading and clearing, and it also supports each of the ten OBDII protocol test modes. Moreover, this device can troubleshoot oxygen sensors and carbon canisters in every car that has the standard OBDII.

Thus, thanks to this OBD2 scanner with ABS auto bleed, you can easily do tasks such as switching off the brake system lights, the check engine light plus airbags become a lot easier when using this code reader. Additionally, this ABS SRS scan tool can also read and clear DTCs in the engine, fuel, and transmission systems.

This diagnostic tool is also user-friendly thanks to its simple to use interface, which incorporates a broad range of appropriate features that are suitable even to the average car owner. It also is handheld and perfectly portable, but you need to make use of two hands to improve efficiency due to its broad profile.

  • This OBD2 scanner is affordable while still providing you with advanced features, and this is proof of this machine’s incredible value.
  • It has a fast upgrade and upload speeds ensuring your device is always working correctly.
  • The software in this diagnostic tool is upgradable, and all this is free of charge.
  • It is compatible with a broad range of vehicles.
  • Incorporates auto-VIN, which enables identification and quick diagnostics.


  • Its connection cable is very short.
  • The software update process is usually cumbersome.
  • The Auto-VIN database requires to be updated to include newer vehicle models.

BlueDriver Professional Bluetooth ENG AT ABS Airbag Scan Tool

This OBD2 scanner with ABS auto bleed is often considered to be the best ABS SRS scan tool if you love using OBD2 adapters.

You can effortlessly pair this diagnostic tool to your smartphone, and it will deliver quickly provide you with the needed diagnostic functions. Additionally, it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones; thus guaranteeing compatibility will never be a problem.

You also are given the BlueDriver App for free once you buy this OBD scanner, and with this app, you effortlessly run diagnostic tests right from your mobile phone.

This diagnostic tool is compatible with most vehicles, including light trucks, as well as all OBD2 cars. Nevertheless, its SRS and ABS function only work on BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Chrysler, GM, and Ford.

To make use of it, you just need to connect it to the OBD2 port, and it will subsequently provide an interface between your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and your smartphone.

Furthermore, using this OBDII scanner, you can read as well as clear codes from both the SRS and ABS. It does this by pulling and then erasing all the confirmed pending as well as permanent codes, and after erasing both the SRS and ABS codes, you will be in a position to restore the relevant malfunction lights.

Moreover, if you are not familiar with codes, this tool offers you a concise definition of every code as well as suggesting the probable causes and fixes when you notice any issue in the SRS or ABS in your car.

This scanner also shows you the live sensor data with this an important feature that is usually integrated into all the best airbag scanners and ABS code readers. This feature is vital since you always want to know there is an issue immediately after it occurs.


  • Powering up this scanner is easy, and you can leave it inside your car without worrying about it depleting the battery.
  • It provides you with hands-free use, so you can connect it to your Android or iOS gadget to receive an advanced diagnosis of your car in real-time.
  • It is considerably affordable compared to most of the standalone scanners on the market.
  • It comes in compact and small size.
  • Easily connects to your mobile handset via Bluetooth.
  • You get a free BlueDriver App after buying this scanner.


  • Its design is somewhat confusing
  • The SRS and ABS diagnostic functions do not work on all car brands.
  • It does not offer you with comprehensive details of the codes.


This OBDII scanner incorporates a design that is mainly used for SRS and ABS diagnostics, thereby meaning you get both basic and a couple of advanced diagnostic functions for both these systems.

Therefore, it is no surprise that it is the go-to abd and airbag scanner you will find at a body and auto shop, not because of its power but also due to its thoroughness.

Some of the functions you can perform with this diagnostic tool include SAS calibration, brake bleeding, diagnosing airbag/ABS systems to auto ABS bleeding, as well as basic DTC reading, clearing, and switching off the Check Engine lights.

ABS bleeding and brake bleeding enables you to remove both moisture and air from the ABS and braking system, respectively.

Additionally, active tests allow you to activate as well as manipulate components, for instance, using this OBD scanner with ABS and SRS to direct commands to the SRS and ABS sensors and monitor the response.

Subsequently, you will be able to assess if the components are functioning as expected, and if not, that shows the SRS, ABS, or both systems need to be fixed. Therefore, to sum it up, with this OBDII scanner, you will be able to perform ABS manual control tests, ABS motor tests, ABS version tests, and SRS active tests.

It is thus no surprise that several people consider this to be the best OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS. This assertion after you consider all its features may be true as it also covers more than 60 car brands despite being designed primarily for OBD2 vehicles.

Moreover, it incorporates a sturdy construction which comprises a rubberized sleeve for added protection and grip as well as an impact-resistant exterior case.


  • You can use it on a broad range of car brands.
  • It gets free updates throughout its entire lifetime.
  • It provides you with incredible value considering its price tag and all its incredible features.
  • It capably performs advanced functions such as active tests for both SRS and ABS.
  • Diagnoses other systems apart from SRS and ABS.
  • Incorporates a robust build quality.


  • It is not compatible with a 6V battery.
  • Slower in comparison to other scanners in its relay of live data

Autel MaxiLink ML619 CAN OBD II SRS ABS Scan Tool

It is a diagnostic tool that is used to identify issues on the Airbag systems SRS, OBD2 diagnostic reading, and anti-lock brake ABS.

Furthermore, it integrates more advanced features compared to scanners used in the past; hence why it is can also be used to pulling engine codes despite its main use is as an SRS and ABS car scanner.

You can also use this gadget to view as well as clear trouble codes that your vehicle’s SRS and ABS systems are displaying. Therefore, it allows you to reset both the SRS and ABS lights.

Some of the feature it incorporates a live data function from both the SRS and ABS systems that provides you with a graph live vehicle functions which you can choose to store the collected data and print later from your PC.

Additionally, this code reader can also retrieve manufacturer-specific and generic codes that you can read via its LED, full-color screen that makes the live data appear more attractive.

It also features a 16 GB SD card through which you can read, store as well as playback the collected live data with freeze-frame purposes. This device is updatable through the internet, and thanks to these upgrades, it works efficiently and sharply.

This OBDII scanner is usually viewed by some people to be the perfect OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS as it covers a broad range of vehicles. Thus, you will have no compatibility issues with it whether you are looking to buy mainstream vehicle brands, foreign as well as domestic such as Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and Chrysler.

Nevertheless, it only works on cars that have been manufactured from 1996 going forward.


  • It detects freeze frame data
  • This diagnostic tool is very affordable
  • Its screen is clear, big, and easy to navigate through as well as clear, prompt buttons so you can access everything you want seamlessly.
  • The instruction manual of this scanner is easy to understand. Therefore, setting it up is easy, and to clear the codes is straightforward.
  • It prints data through your PC.
  • Useful to a broad range of vehicles.
  • Incorporates a small and ergonomic design making it perfect for handheld operations.
  • It gets free software updates
  • Features a lithium polymer battery, so it is not a must you be connected to your vehicle to see live data.


  • You require to have an extra connector cable for car models manufactured before 2002.
  • It does not incorporate certain functions such as auto-bleeding

ANCEL AD610 Elite Automotive ABS SRS OBD2 Code Reader

With this OBD2 scanner, you can read both SRS and ABS trouble codes, and it incorporates a lot of advancements compared to other tools that have added automotive functions and features.

After clearing the codes, you can subsequently reset the SRS and ABS warning lights, thus meaning you can also use it to check the live sensor data either in graph or text format.

Additionally, this device works on SAS engine systems too, and supports all the 10 OBD2 test modes, including additional components tests, O2 sensor tests, and live data.

Therefore, you can always make use of it to establish exactly which SRS or ABS sensor is defective and do the necessary repairs.

One notable feature of this OBD scanner ABS auto bleed is its ability to plot two graphs simultaneously, and the primary aim of the is to display how the parameters affect each other.

You can also use it to inspect all the electronic components inside your car and then carry out bi-directional tests, including SAS, ABS as well as actuator motor tests.

Moreover, it features a multilingual menu that operates at a quick speed, which allows you to access clear information about your vehicle’s condition.

Another outstanding feature of this scanner is that it is compatible not only with OBD2 vehicles but also OBD1 cars across 62 different manufacturers.

Therefore, you can use it on light-duty trucks, minivans, SUVs as well as cars hence making it a very practical gadget.


  • It can carry out bi-directional testing, which is not possible when using other diagnostic tools.
  • This scanner covers a broad range of vehicles that is 62 makes and models globally, and this is proof of its practicality.
  • The OBD2 and OBD1 functions work well with a wide variety of car models.
  • With this test tool, you get free lifetime software updates.
  • It allows you to compare two graphs
  • It supports the component activation of both ABS and SRS.
  • Has an SD card slot that allows the storage of diagnostic data.


  • Its user guide is not easy to understand.
  • The customer support is not very reliable.

How to connect OBD2 scanner 

Connecting an OBD2 scanner causes most car users a lot of problems, with most saying the encounter several issues when trying to connect it to the car’s engine.

Whereas this process of linking the OBD2 to your car appears to be simple, it still is somewhat complicated.

Therefore, if you are looking to learn this, you are in luck as you will be taken through this process step by step. Consequently, the challenges you experienced during this process will be an issue of the past.

The process of connecting the OBD consists of a couple of processes, and these are;
Making use of the car adapter: Connecting the OBD to your car is best through the car adapter, and this is usually a manual process that needs you as the car user to take charge of your vehicle’s engine.

Furthermore, this process entails taking your time to reach the position where the port is positioned. Typically, the DLC port is found on the vehicle’s passenger area with this a strategic decision to make it easy to notice.

Nevertheless, some car models have the DLC port positioned underneath the seat.

Utilize the vital applications: This technique is common when using wireless OBDII gadgets.

Typically, these devices are in the form of Bluetooth gadgets that you can connect remotely. To connect these devices, you need to run applications on the vehicle’s computer and subsequently enable the connection process of this gadget.

However, this process varies from one car model to another. Moreover, you can decide to use an automatic application that enables the connection across diverse vehicle use functions without necessitating the user to do anything.

Because these apps work across different car models, they have become increasingly popular.
The entire process of connecting an OBD2 entails;

  • Buying an ideal OBDII scanner that is suitable for your vehicle by inspecting its compatibility as well as the relevant tools.
  • Finding the OBD2 port, which you can choose to do either manually or using aid from an application.
  • Turning on your vehicle to make the system to start functioning.
  • Plugging in the OBD2 connector pins to relevant spots on the OBD2 port.
  • Allow the OBD2 to commence reading.
  • Take both the data as well as trouble codes and then translate them either using getting in touch with a mechanical technician or diverse methods.
  • Lastly, there are other incidences whereby the connection process can be carried out remotely by making use of Bluetooth gadgets that only require to make a connection with your vehicle’s engine.

Which automotive scan tool should you buy? 

Deciding which is the best automotive scanner to buy is usually quite challenging as there are many different models on the market.

Furthermore, these devices are especially important if you are buying a vehicle that does not have a warranty since it allows you to perform diagnostic tests.

Consequently, thanks to this code reader, you will be in a position to know whether you have made an informed decision or not. To decide which is the best scanner, you need to assess the model of your car as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend.

With these two in mind, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision, which between the five OBD scanners mentioned above is best for your needs.

How to use an OBD scanner?

How OBD scanners work usually varies and depends on the model. Therefore, if your scanner is a scan tool, you can only use it to see live and stored data as well as several other functions, whereas if it is a code reader, you can use it to clean plus read codes.

Whereas all OBD2 scanners perform basic functions, they are also designed to offer access to more information, inspect pending codes, personalize several parameters and offer access to additional information.

Nevertheless, most users of this scanner do not know how best to make use of it and instead expect to handle every anomaly without having to do anything.

This is, however, not the case despite these diagnostic tools incorporating self-correct functions; thus, it cannot solve any of the issues on its own.

Therefore, an OBD2 scanner becomes important at this step as it allows you to know whether your vehicle is experiencing any issues.

The standard language in OBD2 is the malfunction indicator light (MIL) or check engine headlight.

Any time this indicator is on, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is not able to decode any error message that is being conveyed by a certain vehicle sensor.

Therefore, thanks to this PCM warning, you can know that your car has a problem. The OBD2 scanner can read the code, whether it is a message for increased fuel consumption or loss of power. It does this by retrieving the trouble code from the PCM.


Whereas OBD2 scanners with ABS and SRS are not ideal for every user, they, without a doubt, provide you with a lot of useful features.

Nevertheless, to ensure you gain maximum value, you need to avoid trivial perks like a large touchscreen, as this only increases the price of this gadget.

You should instead put your focus on the gadget’s build quality, its scanning parameters as well as how good it will serve the specific purpose that you have.

Moreover, another issue you need to consider when buying an airbag code scanner is how much you plan to make use of it, your budget as well as the system in the cars you want to diagnose.


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